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Agency: You Were Created for This World

What do you want to be when you "grow up"? What's your dream?

I would encourage you to dream big and create space for those dreams in your life. Because God created you with the agency to make your dreams a reality. And when you make space for those dreams to blossom, you are slowly but surely paving the way for yourself.

Your purpose, the thing you were designed to do, is waiting for you to claim it. The less attention you give to your purpose, the harder it is to realize. Don't pack your dreams away: wear them on your sleeve, so you can see the opportunities that may line your path. Your goals and aspirations are like a map.

Don't let the world happen to you. Take charge of your circumstances, and enjoy the ride. You might be surprised to find where you end up!

For more thoughts on agency, I encourage you to watch my video below.




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