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Copy of Give Yourself the Time and Grace to Learn: A Path to Financial Empowerment

We live busy lives and many times we don't feel we have time to go deep into areas of our lives to truely learn a given subject, especially if it seems complex and un-interesting. If we give our selves the grace and space to know this is not a race with anyone outside ourselves we can take the necessary time to really learn at Life Insurance. The different types avaiable and to learn which type is the best for our personal goals. We recently had a conversation with someone that wanted to learn about whole life with a Mutual Insurance company is all about and this understanding wanted to be completed in a short call. This is nearly impossible if they want to know all the mechanics because they were starting from nearly ground zero. We spoke about goals and the stage of live they were in and a number of other matters around this subject. we asked if they would read a book or two or watch a few videos just to help jump start the learning. And then we asked them to give themselves the grace of time to learn.

David Walker ex comptroller of United States

The Future of Money with Adam Taggart

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