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Good Communication is Key

You've heard the phrase, "communication is key," While there's nothing WRONG with this phrase, it can be even better. That's why I prefer to think that GOOD communication is key.

I say this because communication is the minimum—it's an exchange of information between two or more people. This may be verbal or non-verbal communication. However, on a foundational level communication doesn't guarantee understanding. Therefore, you cannot simply seek to get your words must also get them across!

To be a more effective communicator (and to be better at understanding), there are many things you can do.

  • Ask questions

  • Use more precise language

  • Explain the same idea in different ways

  • Practice patience

  • Be a good listener

When you commit to better communication, you can create amazing opportunities to build your relationships better and stronger. You also increase your chances of understanding and being understood.

Below, I share some stories about how communication (both good and bad) made a world of difference in my results.


And as a bonus, check out my conversation with Kevin Nichols. In this interview, we talk about life settlements and how they might work for you as an investment.

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