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Is a Puppy Like Infinite Banking?

Recently, my wife and I brought a new puppy into our life. What we realized was that this was not only an investment of capital but also time and energy. Getting a puppy is a big commitment, especially when you haven't had a puppy in quite some time.

So how is this like the Infinite Banking Concept or whole life insurance?


In order to find our puppy, named Rhett, we had to invest some capital. We decided to purchase a puppy that had been bred responsibly, which means that he has a good disposition, and his health isn't compromised. Since we haven't had a puppy, or any kind of dog, for a while, we also had to invest in supplies. It was our responsibility to buy food dishes, toys, beds, and more.

Similarly, life insurance requires some capital. When you use a whole life insurance policy for an Infinite Banking strategy, the money you put in is like your savings. It all contributes to your cash value account, which you can leverage to make the purchases you want to make.

In both instances here, you're putting money into something that promises to be rewarding.


When you bring a new puppy into your life, patience is key. Puppies have the best qualities of dogs in spades, which can be overwhelming—for you, and for them! They're high energy, impossibly cute, and very playful. However, they require lots of time and attention to learn things like their name, your routine, how to sit or stay, where and when to use the bathroom...the list goes on. Patience is key here because training a puppy takes TIME.

Similarly, it takes time for a life insurance policy to take off. When you pay your first premium, your cash value increases. However, it won't match exactly what you put in. The insurance company has to take some of that premium to pay the costs of insurance, after all, because you're covered for life. Some of this "cost," is used to invest in a conservative portfolio, so the company makes money. Fortunately, when the company makes money, you make money through dividends. Additionally, the cost of insurance decreases over time. This means that eventually, your cash value will break even and then surpass what you've paid in premiums. Therefore it is an incredibly effective long-term savings solution.

Yet, it takes patience to get there. You've got to pay your premiums diligently for years and trust the process. Of course, the process itself can be very rewarding because you can still use your cash value any time you want! This means you can fund investments or cash flow strategies, or even things you simply want, all along the way.

To learn about other similarities between puppies and life insurance, I invite you to watch my video below!


As a bonus, check out my interview with Tom Suvansri, an IBC Practitioner. He shares his personal wisdom on Infinite Banking, as well as his family's journey with IBC.


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