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Keeping An Open Mind Created An Opening to Correct His Thinking-WOW I was Mistaken!


Mark was gracious to come on and share his story and experience around finding his way to clear understand of something he thought he understood...until he read the book "Becoming Your Own Banker" by Nelson Nash. As stated by Mark, "If you want to experience a Lamborghini you don't go drive a Ford". This is how he found his way to me. Very deliberate and intentional in his discipline to find the Whole truth.

How many things in ones' lifetime are memorable decisions you've made that change the course of your life. This is not to say everyone has the same experience because we are all individuals and use our skills and tools according to our own choice, as it should be. We are all individuals with inalienable rights to live our lives the way we choose and decide. Freedom I think is what we are all most after. Money is just a tool that can help wiht that quest of freedom for ourselves and our families.

During this up coming 4th of July think about what price (not covered by money) our forefathers paid so we could live how we do today. This system of monetary control is NOT about Life Insurance, (although it's nice to have the Death Benefit attached just in case we check out sooner than we expect) its about building a place to keep and use the tool (money) to do and have the things we want in our lives. It's about creating freedom to a level where you and your family become your bank and a bank for those you may choose to loan to in the moment of need. Or choose to start a business, make an investment. You get to choose. So choose to get educated on something most people (including my friend Mark here in this chat) don't really understand. I know I didn't before I learned about it. Give me a call or set a time to meet from my website. Until we meet, be well, be happy and be safe out there.

Happy 4th of July and enjoy the freedom of the weekend.

This is a Link to the Federalist Papers at Hillsdale college. These are some of the most defining words and interpretation of what the founding fathers envisioned and hoped for America.

Note about Hillsdale: I recently came to a surprising revelation regarding Pat Sajak-known for "Wheel Of Fortune". Turns out he has been affiliated with Hillsdale for many years and is currently the chairman of their board!

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