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Learn to Enjoy the Journey

It can sometimes feel like there is a specific timeline to life. Over time, I've come to realize that there is no perfect timeline, at least not one that we can measure by any human standards. There is only the "right" timing, which remains a mystery until we experience it.

In reality, life unfolds exactly when it is meant to; you simply need to tune into divinity to understand, and then enjoy the journey.

I've been working toward several goals and projects recently that have demanded my time. At first, I was feeling some overwhelm. Although I sought out these projects, everything started to take off at once in a way I had not expected.

Then, I remembered the value of slowing down. Life is not a race, nor is business. In order for me to feel peace, contentment, and confidence in my projects, it seemed better for me to slow down and take stock of the "irons in the fire." Not necessarily to get rid of anything, but simply to give each project the proper attention.

When life is rushing toward you, it's okay to be deliberate in slowing the momentum so that you can BREATHE.

For more of my thoughts on the power of slowing down, watch the video below.


Bonus: Watch my conversation with Carl Honore, author of "In Praise of Slowness."

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