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Mortality: Reflections on life, aging and the new frontier of getting older.

Updated: Jun 23

My own mortality has come into focus as the years tally up. In my youth of a 5 year old I never could imagine becoming old. In the hustle bustle of live it may be years before you begin to reflect on life and death. For me it came quickly (ages 17-19) with a series of near death accident and literally walking away alive. It had a profound impact on my world view and the question arises, "What am I going to do to be of use in this world and contribute to it's betterment.

In rapid succesion, the answer for me was to be kind and helpful and then raise a family, then protect that family in all the ways one could protect your family. It would have been benifical to me and my family if I had learned about Whole Life and how it really worked, instead of following along with the advisor whom was only sharing what they understood to be true. Then and now until we go we could learn for ourselves how things really work. It takes time, but what else do we have but time and then where do we want to focus that time on the things that matter most, our loved ones and how to protect them. Live was meant to be peaceful and graceful, its the way our creator meant for us to live.

Book on Death and Dying by Kubler Rose classic work on the subject

George Carlin: Again! - Death and Dying

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