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Possibilities Are Endless

I have always gravitated toward life's possibilities, rather than its impossibilities.

And as it turns out, what we think and how we see the world tends to inspire more of that.

When we close ourselves off from opportunities, from wonder, or from goodness, how would we be able to see those things? Alternatively, when we open our minds to these things, we can see them in everything from a flower blooming to a storm raging.

Ideas, joy, opportunities, goodness—these things are like water from a spigot. You just have to know how to turn it on.

And the way that you unlock this is through action. If you want something, it can be yours, if you pursue it.

So you want financial stability? Well-being? A dream career, or just more time? Take action and have faith that these things can and will come to fruition.

The possibilities are endless.



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