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Taking Cues From the Past

Sometimes our past, both individual and collective, can explain our present...and our future. I'd even go to say that our past gives us incredible clues and insights into the world around us.

For example, our personal history is like a roadmap to the here and now. Whether we are who we are because of our past, or in spite of it, there's no denying the past has shaped us.

Historically, it can be much harder to identify a roadmap, because there are so many individual pieces and parts. We can never know each intricacy involved, however, we do have the benefit of a bird's-eye view.

This bird's-eye view of history is why I'm grateful to be involved in the insurance industry. Because looking back at what our nation has experienced makes the relevancy of life insurance all the more important.

Life insurance has persisted and helped families build and maintain wealth through wars, droughts, global crises, recessions, and even the Great Depression. History shows us that life insurance has prevailed where even the stock market has not. It has been there for Americans, and will continue to do so—of that I'm confident.

I'm confident that with the past as our reassurance and guidebook, it's much easier to follow where God leads us.

To listen to more of my thoughts on how history helps us, I hope you'll watch my video below.


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