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The Art of Slowing Down

Problems or complications tend to have the opposite effect of "slowing down." They can make us feel frantic, agitated, and quick to react. However, the surest way to find a solution is by remaining calm, cool, and collected.

The reason is simple. When you react, you aren't taking the time to think. You're making a split-second decision. And although you may intend to minimize damage or plug a leak, you're often so close to the problem you can't fully see it for what it is.

When you take a moment to regulate your mental state and create a moment of quiet peace for yourself, you make yourself open to solutions and answers. Not only this, but when you take a step back, you give yourself a new vantage point on the problem. Maybe there is new information that can help you make a better decision.

And in the end, even if you end up solving the problem by going with your gut instinct, it's far better to have taken your time and made a decision with confidence and peace than to have made the wrong choice in haste.

To hear more of my thoughts on slowing down, finding peace, and approaching decisions with your inner wisdom, watch my video below.


Check out the video below to view the second part of my conversation on IBC with Jason Lowe. You can find the first part in last week's post, "The Problem Isn't the Problem."


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