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The Problem Isn't the Problem

When faced with a problem, you may find yourself getting tangled in knots trying to solve it. When this happens, one of the best things you can do is take a step back. You see, in cases like this, the "problem" isn't the problem. The new problem is how you're thinking about whatever it is you need to solve.

In other words, when faced with a challenge you can't seem to solve, it's time to shake up your approach. When you take a step back, you might see new opportunities to tackle the problem at hand. You may even notice where you went wrong in regard to a problem. At the very least, you give yourself a "break" from the madness.

When you resolve to "re-see" the problem at hand, you often make room for innovation. That's where the real interest happens.

For more thoughts on problem-solving, you can watch my video below.


Bonus: Recently, I had the chance to chat and collaborate with Jason Lowe from Wealth Without Bay Street. You can view the first part of our conversation on IBC (Infinite Banking Concept) below.


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