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Trust Your Intuition

You have an incredible power at your fingertips...if you learn how to lean into it.

You have the power of intuition. We all do. And like anything, it's something to be honed. The practice comes from trusting, interestingly enough. Because the only way to hone your intuition is to listen to it, and sometimes the signs can be subtle.

Following your intuition is a practice in faith because you're trusting in a sense of "knowing" from your Higher Power that you can be led where you need to go. Sometimes, intuition pulls you out of a sticky situation. Sometimes, it sets you on a path of unbelievable opportunity.

The best way to hone your intuition is to listen and start following. Those gut instincts are from God, or your Higher Power, and they're telling you everything you need to know to stay on the right path for YOU.

To hear more, check out my video on intuition below.


To hear part two of my IBC conversation with Jason Lowe of Wealth Without Bay Street, watch the video below.

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