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What Are You Preparing For?

As I was reading the book Courage is Calling, I started thinking about preparedness. As humans, we are always preparing for something. No matter what activities we do, or that occupy our time, we are in preparation.

Sometimes, I think, we are preparing for things we don't even know we're preparing for, and in ways, we don't recognize.

So how much power might there be in actively preparing for the "thing" you're meant to do in this world? How much significance could you create by waking up and choosing to prepare and live in your Purpose?

We're all here for a reason, I believe. And that reason may be something you know inherently, or it may be something that unfolds to you over time. Regardless of HOW or WHEN you identify your Purpose, choosing to use it and prepare for it is integral.

Preparation can look like practice, it can look like learning or reading, it can even be financial. The key is that you are creating a space of opportunity for yourself by expanding your skills and resources, thus preparing for a future of possibility.

The alternative? If you don't prepare yourself by expanding your resources (intellectual, financial, etc), you're less likely to have what you need to capitalize on opportunities.

So take the time to invest in your passions, your skills, and yourself.

For more thoughts on the topic of preparedness, watch my video below.



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