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What is Desirelessness?

Desirelessness: The absence of desire.

In the context of life, isn't desirelessness the ultimate goal? That you should be so satisfied with your life that you want for nothing?

To achieve this, you must work on your mindset. Primarily, you should work on flexing your gratitude muscles. The thing about gratitude is that it helps you appreciate what you have and can make you more content over time. The more you invite this into your life, the more gratitude you can feel for other things in your life. And eventually, that gratitude will help you reach a sense of complete gratitude.

Desirelessness is not perfection. It's acceptance. And there is something gracious and loving about accepting your life as it is and recognizing how everything that happens is contributing to this wonderful life that you have. (And the more gratitude you express, the more wonderful you will truly believe your life to be.)

My wish for you in this New Year is that you can step into the wonderful life you have and accept that you have everything you could need or want.

Happy New Year!


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