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Why My Practice is Collaborative

Updated: May 14, 2022

Last week I opened the conversation about collaboration and the importance of collaboration in all things. Almost everything in the world functions based on collaboration, even in small ways.

My own business is a collaboration! Part of the reason my business is collaborative is because my goal is to support your financial journey in the most holistic way possible. That can mean different things for different people, but ultimately involves arenas outside my wheelhouse.

I work with life insurance because I'm passionate about what it can do for people, and have decided to specialize in it. I could get other certifications and try to do it myself, but I feel that may be a disservice to myself and to you. I'd rather have a true depth of knowledge about just a few things I can help you with, and use collaboration to get you the rest of the way.

That means outsourcing help to professionals who can help you more deeply with taxes, investments, umbrella insurance, and much more. Through this collaboration, everyone wins. Each professional works in their area of expertise, and YOU get the best service possible in whatever area you want it.

Just like nature collaborates to make the perfect flower, I choose to collaborate to help you create your ideal personal economy.


Bonus: Check out this collaboration in action, with my friend Lesley Batson!


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