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You Have Infinite Capacity to Learn

If you think you're ever done learning, think again.

You have an infinite capacity to learn, and I encourage you to use it.

So often, we get trapped in the mindset that "you can't teach an old dog new tricks," or there's a point at which you somehow lose the ability to retain more information. This is such a harmful mindset to accept, so I encourage you not to buy in!

If you so choose, you can keep learning and growing throughout your whole life. You simply have to choose what's important to you and honor that.

So no matter what you feel stuck on, know that if you put in the effort and make it a priority, you can learn new things, make better habits, and grow your understanding of a topic. This applies to your money habits too--you can always grow and better your understanding of finance.

And if you ever feel stuck, you can always call on a friend to help you on your journey to understanding. Everyone has their own strengths, and you can play to your strengths and the strengths of your community as you grow.

For more thoughts on this and how it applies to retirement, watch my full video below.


Bonus Video: Tax Rate Smoke and Mirrors

Password: Wh0leTruth! (the "o" is a zero)

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