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Your Relationship to Money, Part 2

Last week, I mentioned that money has energy. What did I mean?

One of the ways that I believe money has energy is in how we give and receive money. For example, when you give something freely and with a mindset of abundance, you liberate the person receiving it from feelings of guilt, shame, etc. On the other hand, if you give something away out of fear or obligation, the person on the receiving end may be overwhelmed with their own negative feelings.

This energy carries from transaction to transaction, complicating how we all feel about—and thus interact with—money.

This energy can transfer to you even as a child before you even earn your own money. And it's hard to shake those deep-seated beliefs when you have anecdotal evidence of how money can have a negative impact on your life.

Eliminating and even reversing this energy takes work and dedication. It involves changing your mindset and relearning how money can be a tool for great good. And I believe it only takes a few people to change the tide of this "energy" for the better.

In the video below, I share stories from my own childhood about my negative experiences of money, and how I overcame them.


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Password: Wh0leTruth! (the "o" is a zero)

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