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Welcome To
Blue Sky Financial Flow

We are honored you have come to share your time with us. Let’s start on your Wealth Building Journey.

With all the choices and voices begging for your time and attention, we are grateful you have come here. First though, we want to know more about you – who you are, what your life is like, and why you came to us. We want to know about your family and your children if you have them. We want to know your life story, including your God-given gifts, your purpose, and your dreams. We want to discover and learn about them all, if you are open and willing to sharing them. This may not be what you expected from a financial advisory group. Although for us, we regard truly knowing you as the most valuable part of this journey.


If, after reading this, you do not feel this is where you belong, we wish you the very best in peace and prosperity.  If, on the other hand, you would like to share your story and learn more about what we offer, please take a look around. If you’re so inspired, set a date and time that works best for you and your schedule for an introductory call. Looking forward to getting to know your story and help you continue to write it, as you reach your goals and dreams.


Have a blessed day!

Our Purpose

Here at Blue Sky Financial Flow, our purpose is to continuously and consistently operate with the utmost integrity. Our goal is to become your trusted partner. We know that financial systems have been designed to be daunting. But they shouldn’t be. That’s why we do what we do - sharing, educating, counseling, and growing right alongside you. We unequivocally believe in endless possibilities, regardless of a client’s stage of life. We are honored to help you create a magnificent financial journey today, tomorrow, and far into the future.

Increase the FLOW in Your Life

Money must move. It cannot be stagnant. After all, another name for money is ‘currency,’ which comes from the Latin word meaning to ‘flow.’ Contrary to popular thoughts, we need our money to ‘flow’ for us.  And that is exactly what we do – increase the FLOW in your life. 


Our FLOW Concept will help you increase your personal relationship with money, make better financial choices, and appreciate the freedom and peace money provides. 

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Ray Speaking

Would you like Ray Ward to speak at your organization, event, or conference on increasing the FLOW in your life? Please connect with Ray today.

How We Help, & What We Offer

Blue Sky Financial Flow is an educational entity, first and foremost. We pride ourselves in providing others with the knowledge they need. Our priority is to bring authentic financial knowledge to those who need to build and leverage wealth through nontraditional strategies and tools intended to protect, grow, inspire, and expand their financial standards. Please connect with us to learn about money – the absolute truth and non-traditional wealth-building strategies.

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