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Blue Sky Financial Flow harnesses each individual’s God-given creative forces to be empowered to build the wealth they imagine and design a life measured by their Glorious Infinite Potential.

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Our Mission

With unlimited abundance, money should never be a burden. It should never weigh you down. Money is a tool to help you leverage the endless possibilities available for you and your loved ones. But it all starts with having a good relationship with money. We help you improve this relationship by letting go of financial barriers and building the life you have dreamt about.

Our Vision

To bring authentic financial knowledge to those who need to build and leverage wealth through nontraditional strategies and tools intended to protect, grow, inspire, and expand their financial standards.

Our Founder

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Raymond Ward
Perpetual Wealth Guide

I want to bring our clients to a state of full awareness that each part of their human experience is connected. In fact, we are all connected to everyone and everything around us, including infinity. We are spiritual beings having a human consciousness experience that is meant to be joyful and blissful, and this includes financial wellbeing, stability, and growth. These are each connected.


I wish to do my part in bringing souls back to taking responsibility for their lives through their financial wisdom and empowerment. My goal is to share and teach what I learn as I move into my own awareness in the worlds of health, spirit, and finance.

Todd Walker

After years of financial planning disappointments and in search of alternatives, I came across Ray. My experience to date with Ray has been truly rewarding. He is completely transparent and always focused on continual improvement. A mentor and teacher at heart to help guide you through the journey of financial truths.

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This has got to be one of the best questions of all human history. I thought I would share with you my why. It is forever being more clearly defined...


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