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Increase the CASH FLOW in Your Life!

Blue Sky Financial Flow is here for individuals, entrepreneurs, or wage earners searching to be independent of old and broken money systems that keep them drowning in debt, fees, and unknown barriers. We will help you learn about money and life insurance – the real deal, and help you build wealth independent of wall-street and product-based financial tools with hidden fees and high commissions.

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Alternative Investments

Embark on nontraditional investments beyond Wall Street. We called them, ‘Real Assets’.’

  • Real Estate

  • Energy

  • Land Development

  • Other Commodities

Life Insurance

Contrary to popular belief, Life Insurance is much more than a death benefit for loved ones. Life insurance can help you increase cash flow or pay for life phases. Learn about the certainty, control, Liquidity and Leverage it provides, not to mention protection, all flowing in a non-taxable flow. 

  • Cover the cost of tuition.

  • Cover the cost of medical bills.

  • Fund a new business.

  • Fund life experiences.

  • Help take care of life's unexpected home expenses.

  • Help take care of aging parents.

  • Create passive cash flow

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Wealth Education

Too many individuals are trapped in the debt, fees, high interest rates, or unknowingly make wrong money decisions. We believe in sharing the wealth when it comes to money.

Ray Ward Speaking

Book Ray to speak at your next organization town hall, event, or conference.


Presentation topics.


  • How money really works.

  • Advantages of Life Insurance while alive

  • Non-traditional ways to build wealth

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How We’re Different

We provide a customized approach. While we believe in strategies and tools, we understand that there is no one single solution for everyone. As such, we ensure our strategies have built-in flexibility.

  • We understand that we are all spiritual beings having a human consciousness experience that is meant to be joyful and blissful.

  • We offer a trusted partnership. We don’t sell for commission. Rather, we partner with our clients to provide resources, tools, strategy, and knowledge.

  • We are with our clients every step of the way as they grow

Increase the FLOW in Your Life!

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