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Discipline is a Part of Destiny

I recently read a fantastic book titled "Discipline is Destiny," by Ryan Holiday.

The crux of the book is that discipline, above all else, is what allows one to achieve or fulfill potential. Not perfectionism, not conformity, and certainly not by operating without standards. The act of showing up every day and being present can help you make massive progress.

When you're looking to save money, discipline is the factor that is going to move the needle. That means saving first before spending, committing to paying yourself back when you use money from your savings, and choosing not to spend or keep money thoughtlessly. By making these simple commitments, you can make massive progress on your savings goals and habits.

In the book, two words caught my attention: persist and resist. These are the foundations of discipline. Persistence is the commitment to take the steps necessary to meet your goal, even when it's hard. And resistance is about passing up behaviors that would hinder your progress.

Whole life insurance is a product that helps you create discipline in your savings because you must both persist and resist. You persist by creating a monthly habit of saving, by paying premiums. Those premiums feel like a bill, so you commit to paying them, yet they have a real savings effect by growing your cash value. Life insurance also helps you resist spending those dollars elsewhere because you want to keep your coverage.

To learn more about my thoughts on discipline as it relates to your finances, watch my video below.


And as a bonus, check out my conversation with Carl Honore, author of "Bolder: Making the Most of Our Longer Lives."

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