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Life Takes Time

Life takes time. Rome wasn't built in a day, and you'll find that most things worth doing can't be created in a day either. Stories take time, energy, and dedication to the craft. A career requires the same to build. And you can't have an abundant savings account overnight. Even our hobbies require time to nurture the necessary skills.

Part of the beauty of life is that there's no prescribed timeline for your life to unfold. You simply decide something is worth doing and watch as it transforms your life before your eyes. It may happen slowly, but that's the beauty of it.

One of those "things" that takes time is whole life insurance. It's not something you purchase once and then forget about. It takes monthly (or annual) discipline to pay for. But when you do, you're getting income protection, safety, and an account that acts like your savings. You might find the beginnings of your cash value account to be humble. But with time, you'll far exceed what you might accomplish in a short time of gambling in the stock market.

There's no price you can put on the safety and guarantees of whole life insurance—that when you want money, it will be there, and you can access it without interrupting the compounding growth.

Even without the whole life insurance, a savings account takes time. You have to earn the income each month, and remember to set some aside. Sometimes you may need to pull some of that out, which sets you back a few steps. So why not count on something with a little more certainty and security?



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