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The Power of Grounding

I recently watched a fantastic documentary called "The Earthing Movie," which shared the healing power of being grounded to the Earth. When you ground yourself, you have barefoot contact with the ground beneath you, be it dirt or grass or otherwise. The idea is that the Earth actually emits a frequency that's good for us, and by being indoors or wearing shoes all the time, we're disconnected from us. The Earth has everything we need to be healthy, if we just tune in.

I feel this way about life insurance, if you'll indulge me. The life insurance companies have everything needed to be financially grounded. They've already got all the systems in place, they run the companies and hire employees. To tap into all this goodness, you just need to buy a policy and manage it. Then you'll have access to all the good that's before you.

Whether we're talking about physical grounding or financial grounding, there are larger entities at work who have what we need. There's no need to reinvent the wheel or forge our own paths. We simply need to open ourselves up to the systems in place.

Doing so allows you to experience the peace, assurance, and calm of having your affairs in order.

Are you ready to be financially grounded?


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