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Blue Skie & Infinite Possibilities Launches New Podcast! "Sound Banking"


New Podcast and continuing with Blue Skies & Infinite Possibilities to Continue

Sound Banking Podcast Premiere: Unlocking the Power of IBC and Beyond: Hello everyone! In our latest podcast episode, we've officially launched 'Sound Banking', a podcast focused on Infinite Banking Concept (IBC). Join me and my co-host Kyle Reese a fellow IBC practitioner with Nelson Nash Institute (NNI) as we delve into the mechanics, philosophy, and psychology around IBC. Now you will have 2 NNI practitioners to answer all your question around IBC and finance. Blue Skies & Infinite Possibilities will continue discussing Whole Life Insurance, while also exploring cutting-edge topics like science, health, spirituality, and emerging technologies. We'll be featuring interviews with experts in finance, longevity, and more. Would you please do me the favor of Subscribing, sharing, and join the conversation - our goal is to share knowledge and help enhance lives. Check out 'Sound Banking' and stay tuned for exciting content. Thank you for listening! Sound Banking Link to all episodes

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