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Paying Attention, to Your Focus and Intention

"Where attention is directed is what will show up in your Life"


Emphasized is the importance of listening to one's intuitive self and being tenacious in seeking clarity in financial matters. Continue to be open to infinite possibilities. Visualize what you want and where you want to go in your Lifetime. Items to Ponder for a Lifetime

1: Courageous Learning Embrace fear, move forward, and ask questions to grow and improve understanding in financial planning.

2: Raising Standards Elevate communication and understanding, leading to personal and professional development in financial knowledge.

3: Seeking Divine Guidance Tap into inner wisdom and intuitive guidance for a deeper understanding of financial strategies and decisions.

4: Understanding Cash Growth Learn the multifaceted factors influencing cash value and death benefit growth in insurance policies.

5: Importance of Definitions Grasp the significance of accurate definitions to understand the true intention and implications of financial terms.

6: Building Pool of Capital Recognize the control and access to growing capital through consistent premium payments in financial planning.

7: Intuitive Listening Harness intuitive guidance as a valuable resource for making informed financial decisions and fostering personal growth.

8: Focus and Intention Recognize the impact of focus and intention in shaping financial understanding and achieving enlightened growth.

9: Tenacity and Due Diligence Embrace persistence and thorough research to gain clarity and insight in financial decision-making and planning.

10: Shared Learning Community Embrace the value of sharing knowledge and experiences in financial matters for mutual growth and understanding.

Book Recommendation: Relentless Relentless-Unstoppable-Tim-S-Grover



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