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SHOULD I pay a higher Interest Rate to my own banking System?

Have you ever started something and been taught how it works only to find out that there was a misunderstanding around how a part of what you were told wasn't exactly accurate?

It may not be that you were deliberately mislead, it simply may have been the friend did not know how it worked themselves.

Now with this new understanding you decide, in this case, to stop funding this product. Now you still own the product and it continues to grow but you don't connect with it like you did before you learned the truth.

I recently spent 3 days at a farm expo and had this very experience running into a gentleman who had initially embraced the concept of "Becoming your own Banker" However, after encountering the realization that he would be charged interest when taking a loan, he decided to discontinue the process. This scenario highlights a common misconception that many individuals face when first delving into this financial strategy, underlining the necessity for a thorough understanding of how this works from someone who is certified to share the WHOLE truth and how the tool really works.

This practice cultivates a more profound comprehension of the principles involved, leading to informed decision-making and strategic financial commitments I wish to shed light on the key element of recognizing the true value of one's money and the strategic utilization of capital to foster long-term growth.

My thoughts wander to the thoughts of Unlocking the Potential of Economic Value Added (EVA) as I transitions into the concept of Economic Value Added (EVA), which involves companies valuing their own cash as an economic engine. I share how this principle extends beyond the corporate realm, emphasizing that personal capital also warrants this level of respect and strategic utilization. Drawing parallels between corporate financial decision-making and personal wealth management, I encourage you to adopt a similar analytical approach in managing your own financial resources.

The Art of Accelerating Financial Growth with the strategy of compensating oneself at a higher interest rate (than would be expected) of your choosing when paying back loans from an insurance company, thereby stimulating the growth of personal wealth.

We all can have the Courage and open mindedness of Re-Educating and Re-visiting something that had left a bad taste, yet at the same time was still intriguing, and intuitively knew there was something there. Dig to find what that intuitive feeling is, trust your own self. God built you to trust yourself.

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