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Have Your Dollars Do Multiple Jobs

When we have our dollars do multiple jobs, we create efficiency. For example, when you use a credit card to rent a car, and you earn airline mileage through that card, your dollar is doing two things for you as opposed to one. You get the benefit of a car on your trip, while also potentially paying for a future plane ticket. And so long as you pay your balance, you're getting a pretty good benefit.

This same concept applies to Infinite Banking and your whole life insurance. Normally, when you save money in the bank, your dollars do one job---they earn interest. If you need to withdraw funds, those dollars are no longer earning interest. They can only do one job at a time.

Life insurance dollars, on the other hand, can do many things at once. Your cash value can earn interest and dividends WHILE you use it for other purposes, thanks to the policy loan. So while your money earns interest and dividends, you can invest in a property that provides you with cash flow. Or, you can take a family vacation with that money.

The lesson here is that you can make financial choices that benefit you in more than one way, if you look for those windows of opportunity. I'd love to help you start thinking about your finances in this way.


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