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Whole Life Insurance: A Path to Financial Freedom and Stronger Communities


When starting a project of building brick steps, my mind wandered to Whole Life Insurance. In thinking of the bricks as an individual, like us; no doubt, we are strong. Although when the mortar is applied and the bricks, (us) become connected and united we are much stronger.

Can you imagine if we became a community of collective users of Whole Life, strengthening, protecting and securing our families and communities because of the multitude of individuals in a given community that saved and stored capital in this nearly perfect vehicle for pertetuating financial wealth for generations. The things we could do...

I would say that most of the time when we think of Whole Life (WL), we think for our individual needs, our family needs, maybe our business too, and that is all good. Although, we rarely, if ever think of it as a community program to strengthen our communities finacially. If we were to have someone that really understood WL, someone in the community that could share and teach how Whole Life Insurance really can work and how flexible it is, communities would line up around the block and buy as much as they could. It would be far better than what goes on now as we rely on well intentioned friends and family members sharing what they've heard and (and the financial gurus on the internet) that information may have never been looked into themselves, heck we are busy, yet this is really important, it would be well worth the time and effort to look into.

Currently a large portion of our population is indebted to one or multiple financial institution or other individuals. Many of us feel trapped and unable to live the life we truely wish to live. We are all responsible, it's not just the financial intitutions that have caused this indebtedness. We are also responsible for allowing ourselves to live beyond our means. I say this with a kind and feeling heart. I know it is not always easy, yet it is worth at least talking to someone who knows WL. Again, this idea of savings, is about us taking responsibility and to live within our means if at all possible, so that we can save and grow in financial wealth, creating a foundation of financial stability going forward generationally, and to know it all takes time.

If we were to Implement WL, over time, (wealth accumulation takes time) we would grow in freedom. As we became financially independent, as individuals, and families and/or communities and potentially less indebted to the financial institutions that chain us, we would truely experience a stronger sense of freedom. With freedom comes responsibility, for ourselves, our families, and potentially our communities.

This may seem like a pipe dream, yet over the centuries there have been pockets of communities that thrieved when individuals took responibility for themselves, their families, and saved; their communities thrived. Prior to the 1970's most families had Whole Life Ins. as part of their wealth building portfolio. Maybe it's time to bring that kind of thinking back...

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Quote to Ponder:

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." — Winston S. Churchill

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