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Who really knows where the dollar is headed

We've been asked more often in recent months this question in one form or another about where our dominant dollar currency is headed. Well like you and I and most everyone on the planet we are all making our best guess based on what we know. We listen to those folks we listen to and respect their opinions based on certain parameters we us to come up with that sentiment about them. They like us, are also coming to conclusions around what they have learned through their own study around the history of Macro and micro economics, money and finance around the globe. Which is where we can look also if we have the time to do's a lot of ground to cover. We here at Blue Sky Financial Flow tend to look at history and ask ourselves has this ever happened over the course of recorded history. The simple answer is yes. The Romans, Germans, Japanese, Chinese and on and on. The Weimar Republic collapse is an example of a currency collapse in Germany in the 1920's, mainly due to the government believing they would win WWI and so they decided to finance the war through borrowing (aka debt) and were saddled with debt they could not get out from under.

Hyperinflation ensued, and the German Mark collapsed. Yet if you follow it to current day or to 2002: up to that date Germany still used the Mark as currency. That being said, the dollar could very well (if it hasn't already) lose the status of the dominant world currency although, the dollar may well continue as one of several powerful currencies for decades to come. The short of it is we will continue to use it for God knows how long as our currency here in the USA. Be diligent in study, be an independent thinker, be courageous and patient with yourself in your learning so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

Here is David Walker again if you did not see it on the last email

For your Health-Grounding may be one of the most profound discoveries of our generation. I highly recommend this book and to ground ourselves.

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