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The Joy of Entrepreneurship

I recently met a young man of 6 years old who embodied the joy and community that can be found in entrepreneurship.

While at the vet, I stumbled upon a table full of delicious-looking vegetables that someone had grown in their garden. When I asked about purchasing some, they called up the "proprietor," who turned out to be this 6-year-old young man.

With immense joy, he shared about his garden and what he had grown and happily listed off prices. Talking with him gave me a burst of energy and his enthusiasm warmed my heart. After all, he found something he loved to do and wanted to share it with the world.

What I'm left thinking about after our meeting is how profound it is to find something you love doing, and then share it with the world. And if you do it right, you can even have an exchange of value (money). It is entirely possible to make entrepreneurship work for you, your interests, and what you love to do. And more than that, sharing it with the right people can be so energizing.

It's also a lesson that from nothing, you can create something. It takes hard work, patience, and enthusiasm, which makes it all the more rewarding.

Whatever your endeavor, I encourage you to be like this young man and do it with joy and wonder. And remember to share that joy and wonder with your community! You never know where the journey may take you.


Bonus Video: The Million Dollar Degree

Password: Wh0leTruth! (the "o" is a zero)

Bonus Download: Mystery of Banking from the Mises Institute

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