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Who Is Your Community?

We all need community.

This world was not meant to be experienced alone, nor should we have to. So how do you create support structures in your life that are sustainable?

During difficult times, community is what helps us get through. In fact, a community of people can also include professionals who can solve problems that you don't have the time, energy, or skills to solve efficiently on your own.

A community can help you:

  • Stay uplifted in dark times

  • Learn new skills

  • Connect to new resources

  • Get assistance with projects

  • Find camaraderie

  • Grow in your own skills

  • Make even more connections

  • Solve problems you don't need to spend time solving

There's the common idea that you're the sum of the four or five people that you surround yourself with. So it stands to reason that you can benefit by creating a community of people that holds similar values to you (or that you wish to have). If you desire positivity, initiative, prosperity, or any other quality, find people who exemplify those qualities to be a part of your support structures.

We can go through this life alone, but we shouldn't. If you want to make traction toward your goals, start forming a community. Not just of people who can be your friends, but also people who can solve problems you have.


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