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Where Should You Be Saving?

Updated: Jun 23

Once upon a time, people saved their emergency money in mattresses, coffee cans, and even buried in the backyard. This was at a time when inflation was low, so your money wasn't really losing value just by sitting (though it wasn't earning either).

Today, inflation is so high you're almost losing money when you let it sit doing nothing. Gone are the days when storing your emergency or opportunity money in the house was a viable option.

The downside is that because inflation is so high, people feel pressured to chase the biggest returns possible, which in turn causes them to take the biggest risks. And the lie that we've been sold is that more risk equals more reward. The reality of that is that more risk equals more risk. And even if you "win" big one day, you're just as likely to "lose" tomorrow. And people haven't quite recognized how far those losses set them back.

So what if you had a place to store your money that was growing at a steady pace without ANY risk? Wouldn't that be better? You'd never have to play catch up on your losses, nor would your money be decreasing in value simply by sitting under your mattress.

That asset is whole life insurance, and it's one of the most powerful assets around when you understand how it benefits your entire portfolio. Whole life is safe and certain, which allows you to grow your money without the risk. And because you have it to protect your net worth and fall back on for emergencies and opportunities, it allows you to feel confident when you DO take risks.

If you'd like to learn more about the asset of whole life insurance and the strategy/concept of Infinite Banking, let's talk.


Bonus Content:

“A commitment larger than your own wants and needs lifts you out of the landscape of your circumstances and personal desires. It lifts you out of day-to-day moods, irritations, and upsets about things not going your way. It pulls you out of that smallness and elevates you to a place where you find the strength and courage to generate your life out of possibility and generosity.”

                                                         Lynne Twist


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